Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Artistic Collage Box Treasures of Jewelry, Photos, Trinkets, etc....

It is so easy to collect boxes of all sorts....
they held jewelry, cigars, typewriters, trinkets....
it is just so easy to
find oneself over run with places to store stuff.  

Well, I started
putting them on the tables and the
 counter and just began 
rummaging through all my treasures and placing
 them here and there
and this is what resulted!!!  
I took pictures, lots of pictures and now just
have to figure out how to offer these 
beauties up....whether on ebay
or etsy or locally, I just don't know!  

Either way, here is a place for you to enjoy them.....
and if by chance,
anyone is interested in anything, 
let me know.  
I will not be listing them anywhere
for a while yet, as I am busy with some 
other "to do" things on my list.

Blessed day and remember, 
our true treasures are having a personal
relationship with Christ and sharing 
His great love with others!!!

Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!!!!


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