Sunday, December 2, 2012

Celebrating Dean Morrissey!!!

As I stay busy creating, I just have to share someone else's talent that I appreciate very much and that is the artist and writer, Dean Morrissey.  If you do a search on his illustrations, so much will come up and you will find yourself lost in another world!!!  I collect a lot of children's books just for the illustrations....I am sure others do, too.  

We are having a very mild December so far....loving it!!!  On the way to church, we travel 10 miles south and out in the country we saw thousands of birds landing on a lake!  As the sun hit the birds, they turned white and just dropped like snowflakes onto the water!  It was a beautiful sight and an amazing reminder of just how amazing God is!  How can we deny that He is the Creator....that we have a Creator that is behind all this glorious creation!!!


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