Monday, October 29, 2012

Close-up of the latest creations!!!

Just some close-ups of all that I have been busy with.  I am so grateful to have the outlet that I have with my physical shop to have a place to create and not have to pick it up and put it all away in the middle of all the process.  Many of you know what that is like, don't you?  Been there, especially when my kids were little.  Now they are 25, 23, 21 and 15!  Where has the time gone?  I don't know!!!  

Made many of these earring bobble pieces into rings and decided to do something different....I thought they turned out fabulous!

Now that I finally used these faux typewriter beads up, I can't find anymore!!!  Have had them for years and the Lord inspired me with doing this!  Anyone know of where I can obtain more of these faux typewriter keys, please let me know....thanks.

Just like a lot of you out there....I love the REAL typewriter keys, especially the Underwood keys!  My husband has graciously taken the time to prepare some for me and I have purchased some on ebay.  These are all for doing up your own charm bracelets.  I offered different types of charms for the craft show....

....these have buttons behind them, most of them.  Others, with the brown marble paper, are just metal pieces with glass baubles.  The brown marbled paper is 100 years old.  I printed encouraging sayings on them for the charms and then also did the brass rings below.  I call them my "UP" rings as I wanted and always try and do things that will uplift and encourage others and show my faith.

More of my "FUN" rings, too.

Hat pins that can also be used for bookmarks.  I love using up beads this way!!!

A new thing I did, also, is make up key chains.  I saw someone do something on etsy and she gave me the idea to also try something.  Each key ring has a mini magnifying glass and then other odds and ends with old keys....again, no two are alike!!

Displaying with decks of cards is soooo fun!  These are made up with bobby pin blanks decorated with filigree pieces and buttons.  Thought they turned out cute....

....and then these are with buttons used for embellishments!

Cell phone charms....but, I guess, the new cell phones do not have places for charms!  And yet, one could used these for wine glass charms or to embellish a notebook, etc.  The options are endless!!!

DEB'S A to E, yeah!!!!  
These are Samsonite luggage tag letters made into magnets!

MY BOOK NECKLACES!!!!  W.S. for William Shakespeare...

I know the S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders but felt sorry for all that Tom Cruise is going through so put his intials on this one with the charm spectacles.

Remember Fahrenheit 451?  The temperature that paper burns?  A classic!!!

My favorite musical, The King and I!!!   Deborah Kerr was the one and only for Miss Anna!!!

Charms I made for cell phones but can be used for many other things!!!

Magnetic bookmarks with charm and beads!

Necklaces I made with pictures of antique pinback button advertisements pins!

Old coat buttons are on the back of these!  Always looking for way to use buttons!!!

Earrings displayed on old decks of cards.

"YOU are my source"

"I am waiting for the day"

"YOU are always there"

Only a few left, my "cameo compacts" using original photographs......

....a place for a square photo....

....and a place for a cameo picture.

Thanks so much for looking!  Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  I do hope everyone is able to share with their families.  This Thanksgiving is extra special considering I turn 50 this year on that day!  I was born on Thanksgiving in Okinawa sooooo long ago.  My mom was glad to have me out so she had more room to enjoy a meal!!!

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