Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knitted Hat with Chenille Crocheted Trim & Bow!!!

I haven't done much hand knitting, but have recently gotten into doing the knitting on those round looms and I find it to be fun and relaxing!  And then, to embellish it as I do know how to crochet.  I would say this little hat would be great for a newborn to a 6 month old little girl.  The bow would go in the back...I have listed this on my etsy and am looking forward to making more 
"one of a kind" creations.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mixed-Media Jewelry with Cameo, Shoe Clips & Lace...

Oh, my goodness....got a lot done today with listing on ebay.  Did this mixed assortment of items...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Cameos, Pearl Necklaces, Shoe Clips, Tatting and Princess Phones...remember getting your Princess Phone for being able to say your name, number and address?

there is this cute little silver charm box!!!

CHECK IT OUT!!!  ...my ebay id is:   ddemmers42.