Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magnets...sharing more of them!

I have been having so much fun making magnets!  I plan to feature them at this years craft show in Faulkton in October!  Magnets are not just for the sireee!  And it is totally amazing how when you put something inside of a circle, how much it is transformed!  Textures, atmosphere, contemplation in just a small circle of a picture!  I have taken paper ephemera from magazines, encyclopedias (old ones), story books, etc. and am so amazed!  I can easily make personal ones like recently I used paper from the inside of a 1914 encyclopedia and put an initial in there and oh, so beautiful!  I have them in my shop here in Redfield at only 2 dollars a piece.  On my etsy, I am selling them in groups of 4 for 12 dollars which includes shipping.  I will post some more pictures after this.  Thanks for looking!!!  Have a blessed day!  ~deb

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