Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Honor of Memorial Day...

This is a 1919 U.S. Calvary Sword and Scabbard designed by General Patton (he was a lieutenant at the time).  Auctioning this off and a 1918 one also...just sharing this with you in honor of Memorial Day.  If any of you have ever watched The Patriot or any movies that have some type of warfare not involving machine guns, I wonder if you find it just as amazing as I do how men marched forth as such open an open target back then...bravery then and bravery now!  Oh, to recognize it and be so thankful for the men and women who have given their all for our freedoms and those who have served and those who are serving...

I want to thank my Dad and my Grandfather for serving and for Jenae who is serving now somewhere in the Atlantic.

Thank you!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My first knitted hat!!! Flower and Trims!!!

Finished this at my shop and didn't have a little girl around to model it...improvised with a large blue canning jar...just not the same!!!  This style reminds me of a flapper type hat, don't you think?!  Can't wait to find someone to actually model it for me.  I know how to crochet and have done "some" knitting over the years, but did this on one of those circular frames.  We are teaching individuals to do this where I work at my other job!  Men are learning how to knit using these forms and having great fun making hats that will go to help needy families! 
 Blessings, deb

Friday, May 18, 2012

Believe...Always and other goodies in the making!!!

 I love working with old optical lenses.  Thanks to the gal in Texas who purchased my Elvis Presley necklace that I made!!!  What a boost to have someone notice and want to spend money on something I have created.  Hard to believe it is going on 35 years that Elvis has been gone!!!  This necklace was a joy to make and I will be listing it in my etsy shop.  One the one side is a mixed collage highlighting the word "believe" in a numbered optical lense from an antique optical lense kit and then on the other side is a very old fabric button that I collaged with the word "always" and then sealed it with a glaze.  The chain is just a fun piece of fabulous variations of purple!!!  With the extension, you can wear it at varied lengths.  Let me know what you think!  Below pictures of this, is some others I am working on with silver burst type bases, back of watches, pictures of antique pin back buttons and covered with watch crystals...the end picture is one with a chain.  I might be embellishing these a little more.  The one on the end has gold hammered piece on the other side...see it in my etsy.  Thanks for looking...always love comments if you have time!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Magnets....yes!!!

Magnets...sharing more of them!

I have been having so much fun making magnets!  I plan to feature them at this years craft show in Faulkton in October!  Magnets are not just for the sireee!  And it is totally amazing how when you put something inside of a circle, how much it is transformed!  Textures, atmosphere, contemplation in just a small circle of a picture!  I have taken paper ephemera from magazines, encyclopedias (old ones), story books, etc. and am so amazed!  I can easily make personal ones like recently I used paper from the inside of a 1914 encyclopedia and put an initial in there and oh, so beautiful!  I have them in my shop here in Redfield at only 2 dollars a piece.  On my etsy, I am selling them in groups of 4 for 12 dollars which includes shipping.  I will post some more pictures after this.  Thanks for looking!!!  Have a blessed day!  ~deb