Monday, February 6, 2012

Magnets! Everyone needs a magnet!

I have been having fun creating magnets from books, magazines, order catalogues....again, repurposing and using what I already have.  The magnet supplies come from the Bage-a-Minit company.   A very good company!  I have had my kit to make magnets since the 1990's.  I can make magnets, pin-backs, compact mirrors, key chains.  It is fun and with the hand press, I certainly get my "upper-body" work out!!!  Will be showing more.  I have them all on my etsy, too.  Thanks so much!

"I Love You, MOM!!!" Grateful Necklace!

Getting a little ahead of the Mother's Day deal, I guess. As I was putting this necklace together, laying things out, knowing I wanted the "I Love Mom" charm, a word came to me....the word "grateful". So I went to my old paper books, a small old dictionary and found this to put in an old frosted optical lense. The necklace chain is 24 inches long. I hope you like it. I am selling it in my etsy....DebsAtoE shop. I also sell in my physical shop in our small town everything that I list on etsy. Let me know what you think.....thank you!!!