Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shop Opened and Going Well!!!

As you walk through the door that I share with Kristi that has the beauty shop, this is what you see. My latest large project completed the night before my opening and actually finished it the next day before 11am....thought it turned out kinda cool!!!

The wood under the paint is a birdseye maple....someday, I may work on getting the rest of the paint off. This once held a mirror, but now, a glorious variety of men's ties!

Crazy beautiful, I would say!!! This reminds me of life at times, going in all sorts of directions, weaving in and out of all the craziness and yet, everything has a purpose and I hold on to that. Here, it ends up holding wonderful things and shows off the life and history behind the ties....many of these belonging to a dear man in our church. Richard and Ida shared 60 years of marriage together and I tribute this piece to him and I just don't know if anyone is required to wear ties in heaven! I do hope there is no pantyhose wearing in heaven..... :) deb

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  1. wonderful...looks like you're off to a splendid start! :)