Friday, October 7, 2011

Opening up my shop on October 10th!!! Deb's A to E!!!

It is all about venturing out onto the water, knowing you can walk on it with the Lord's help....yes, fulfilling a dream is exciting and scary at the same time. As Peter walked on the water, I can't imagine him not be exciting with the first step, but also scared to death. Remember, he was doing fine while he kept his eyes on Jesus but once he took them off and looked at everything else going on around him and the human thinking of "this is really impossible", he started sinking. I am so excited and scared at the same time with this new business adventure and am in prayer all the time to just keep my eyes on Jesus and so appreciate the love and encouragement of friends and family.....

thank you,

debbie :)


  1. you go girl...glorify God! blest be :)

  2. So happy for you and your shop! What a dream come true! Please share pictures and how it's going for you!!

  3. i haven't seen any new posts since your grand's it going debbie? blest be :)