Thursday, August 25, 2011

Progress.....on the new shop!

Do not have pictures to post of the shop! Slowly getting things moved over there. Looking forward to some "muscle" to help with the big stuff! I have had such good feedback from everyone that I have talked to about doing this....very encouraging for me as this is very scary! I will be 49 in November and finally, I feel as though I am realizing a dream....

I've learned a long this road of life, especially lately, to start facing my fears. Taking time to examine what my fears are (ugh, as there are so many), God has mercifully walked me through and still showing me slowly what I need to look at in my life, what to face, what to cry over and what to wipe away, blow my nose and get on with it! Have faith. Extend grace and know that all my strength has to come from Him.....everyone else will fail us at some point in our lives, that is just the way it is (my fairy-tale bubble got "bursted" a long time ago - I wrote "bursted" on purpose, a childhood thing).

Anyway, still have a lot to learn....journey doesn't end, the last chapter not read so I will move forward even when I don't feel like I can. God is my strength, my source. My dad told me once, "Deb, you hold on to faith too much (like it was a crutch). Didn't realize until later, "Wow, that was a real compliment, spiritually speaking!" Since then, my faith can waver like a roller-coaster ride....not good. But God is ever so loving, patient and keeps extending this lady so much grace!!! I need to work on doing the same for others, don't we all.....

Blessings and thanks for all your prayers.....debbie

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