Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello! Have the most awesome news!!!

Dreams.....yes, they can come true! My husband and I spent an anniversary at a Bed 'n Breakfast north of where we live. It was awhile ago but I will never forget how the couple shared how they ended up doing this business. The lady had turned 50 and thought it was time to "go for it!" so to something she has always wanted to do. She and her husband built this beautiful home where they live in the basement and use the main floor and 2nd floor for their business. They use the main kitchen for their needs, too. It was a wonderful time sharing with them and I haven't forgotten their story. I, too, have wanted to do something for a very long time and next year, in 2012, I will be turning the big 5-0! Just doesn't seem possible! Three of my children are out on their own and I have a 14 year old still around to enjoy! Well, things are falling into place to start a business on our Main Street in the town I live in. I am going to call it, Deb's A to E which will represent: antiques, books & baubles, cards and craft creations, delights & devotionals and ebay! Selling for others on ebay will support my business. I will have all my craft supplies there at the store so others can peruse through and see if there is anything they can use from all my old watch parts, old keys, jewelry pieces, etc....endless eye candy! And my passion....sharing my love of books and music....especially encouraging and spiritual books to help people on their own roads in life. It will be like having a craft store with great atmosphere! I will have a comfortable fun sitting area where one can have coffee or tea and maybe a sweet treat now and then! I do not plan to compete with our marvelous coffee shop up the street with the fancy coffees, one will have to settle for Folgers or herbal tea! I will have my craft creations setting around along with antique pieces and such. I want it to be a fun place where people can come in and not feel pressured to purchase something all the time.....mainly, I hope it will be a ministry! My heart's longing to share the love of Christ through being available and listening.....possibly have my Bible study group meet there once in awhile, too! Anyway, I feel it is truly blessed by God as how everything seems to be coming together. The owner of the building will allow me the month of August to set up without charging that month's rent! How fabulous it that! I didn't even get to ask her outright before she said it first! So, for all you praying gals, I would appreciate your prayers on my behalf! I truly want this venture to be a BLESSING to our community more than anything else. I will still be working at my other jobs very part-time so all I am hoping for is atleast the rent to be covered each month which includes utilities and everything.....not out to make a million, but to be a blessing and know that I will be blessed, too......

Thought for the day....."...know that your will be blessed as you strive to first be a blessing to others." Amen to that.....deb


  1. awesome debbie, congrats! nothing better than a ministry exposing the love of Christ thru the diverse avenue of gifts by mentoring. enjoy to the fullest! i'll follow you here now also. :)

  2. It sounds like it'll be a great, refreshing place to go! How exciting!! May God bless your endeavor & bring people in who need a touch from Him! Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog!