Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring almost officially here!!! in South Dakota!!!

It has just been a lllooooonnnnnngggggg winter here. We should never be surprised as far as South Dakotans go with the weather. It is what 95% of the conversations are about with the farmers and well, the other 5% comes with great variety!!! Now, we will have to worry about flooding issues, hoping the farmers will be able to get out in the fields and that basements won't get filled with water! In the midst of all that, always remembering God shows Himself through all of this and we choose every day how to handle it, how to perceive it and how we will let it affect our day!!!
I have so enjoyed reading others' blogs and seeing what everyone has been up to with the shows, spaces at flea markets and when you all share inside your craft rooms and family. I have been inspired and encouraged through some difficult stuff lately, so want to say thanks for that.
Looks like a great movie is coming out called "Soul Surfer" based on Bethany Hamilton's true life experience with a shark. Do not know if the movie will touch on how much she loves the Lord as she states in personal interviews. I hope it does.
Well, my 14 year old is needing my attention. Hope all is well outside of my little town of Redfield, South Dakota.....deb

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