Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentines Day coming up!!!!

It has been sooo long since sharing anything here. Hard to believe it is February and it has been a cold one!!! Interesting how so much of the nation has been swept up in this cold! We have lots to be thankful for in just being warm! Created some things for the upcoming holiday. I call them my Handmade Vintage Valentines. The backdrop is the reflectors for the old Christmas lights. I was putting things away earlier this week and found these reflectors in my hand and the wheels just started spinning! It is so fun when that happens. So, I have been busy with these and a few other things that I will share later. Have went off-line at home so am figuring out how to download from one of those memory sticks to get pictures here. Always learning.
Hope this finds everyone fine. Been doing a lot of reading as of late! Anyone read any of Ted Dekker's books? Great stories...mystery, intrigue with a spiritual underlining and thankfully, no swearing and unnecessary sex! Finish a book and feel well-fed...this is a good thing!!!
Take care and blessings this day.....deb

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  1. hi deb! those are just darling! i've used those fab reflectors in projects too...they are sooo fun! happy weekend! xox..jenn