Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'd call ya' all if I could.....Train Depot in Redfield, SD...

More pictures later..... Had a live Nativity and other activities over the weekend. Will share on those later. A fabulous miniature train display by some very special people. Beautifully decorated trees! Santa and the Mrs.

Girl Scouts singing. Just enjoy this time of year when the community gets together and shares or others come and share their talent.

Well, it's getting late.....


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scrapbooking, no...just having some fun!!!




Robin and Rudy...




5 pm! and we are hungry,

hurry up and take the picture!!!


Just had some fun with these. Posted them on ebay. Not much luck there. Thinking to either post them on etsy or just rearrange and offer pictures in one group, watches in one group, letters in one group, jewelry in one group, etc.....

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Courageous: The Movie

Just went and saw this movie on Monday evening. I put this picture here to remind us all this is a race we are in....a race to raise our children, our families in the Lord. It takes a lot of work and dedication and the willingness to say "I WILL". Hope everyone goes to see this movie and remind Hollywood that we do want quality movies out there like this one....blessings, deb

Monday, October 31, 2011

Offered on Ebay right now!

Offering this on ebay right now. What do you think?

Check me out in the advanced search....ddemmer42 or plug in

"antique jewelry cabinet cards mixed lot"


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shop Opened and Going Well!!!

As you walk through the door that I share with Kristi that has the beauty shop, this is what you see. My latest large project completed the night before my opening and actually finished it the next day before 11am....thought it turned out kinda cool!!!

The wood under the paint is a birdseye maple....someday, I may work on getting the rest of the paint off. This once held a mirror, but now, a glorious variety of men's ties!

Crazy beautiful, I would say!!! This reminds me of life at times, going in all sorts of directions, weaving in and out of all the craziness and yet, everything has a purpose and I hold on to that. Here, it ends up holding wonderful things and shows off the life and history behind the ties....many of these belonging to a dear man in our church. Richard and Ida shared 60 years of marriage together and I tribute this piece to him and I just don't know if anyone is required to wear ties in heaven! I do hope there is no pantyhose wearing in heaven..... :) deb

Friday, October 7, 2011

Opening up my shop on October 10th!!! Deb's A to E!!!

It is all about venturing out onto the water, knowing you can walk on it with the Lord's help....yes, fulfilling a dream is exciting and scary at the same time. As Peter walked on the water, I can't imagine him not be exciting with the first step, but also scared to death. Remember, he was doing fine while he kept his eyes on Jesus but once he took them off and looked at everything else going on around him and the human thinking of "this is really impossible", he started sinking. I am so excited and scared at the same time with this new business adventure and am in prayer all the time to just keep my eyes on Jesus and so appreciate the love and encouragement of friends and family.....

thank you,

debbie :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hisega Lodge in the Black Hills of South Dakota!!!

Yes, you all missed it!

It is a gorgeous place with such kind people as the caretakers.....

Kenn and Carol Duncan


23101 Triangle Trail

Rapid City, South Dakota 57702

Amazing food and fellowship!!! Took close-ups of the food...will put that in another blog stay tuned!

Hisega Lodge, named after the first letter in the names of 6 women from way back when....have to look it up at:

A glorious weekend. Went way too fast. Back to the grind of reality. Thanks, Carol and Kenn, for the wonderful care, kindness and food at your lodge. Blessings, deb and the ladies....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy getting my shop ready!!!

It is all about deciding whether I am going to turn the "knob" and go through the door and start this

new adventure.....

......or just stand there and admire the door and do nothing. It is scary! Well, I have turned the knob, walked through the door and am plunging into this new adventure of being a business owner. I wish this was the door to my new shop but it isn't. It is one of the many fabulous doors of one of my bosses....I have several very part-time jobs! Excited, scared and asking for prayers!!!



Monday, September 5, 2011

What did you do for Labor Day?

This is Petunia who lives in a town called Burbank, BUT, it is in South Dakota! Never knew of this town until my son Josh moved down to Vermillion, South Dakota! Took a quick trip to meet his girlfriend Amy and see where he lives and the places he works. At this little farm where he helps out, one of the animals is this pot belly pig. We got acquainted rather easily, I'd say!!!

It was a beautiful day!!!



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guess what one can find in a beautiful old stone house?

A good day visiting friends, enjoying the weather and touring this beautiful old stone house.....


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Corner of my bedroom and angel wings...

Corner of my bedroom....

...and potential "angel wings"....

Progress.....on the new shop!

Do not have pictures to post of the shop! Slowly getting things moved over there. Looking forward to some "muscle" to help with the big stuff! I have had such good feedback from everyone that I have talked to about doing this....very encouraging for me as this is very scary! I will be 49 in November and finally, I feel as though I am realizing a dream....

I've learned a long this road of life, especially lately, to start facing my fears. Taking time to examine what my fears are (ugh, as there are so many), God has mercifully walked me through and still showing me slowly what I need to look at in my life, what to face, what to cry over and what to wipe away, blow my nose and get on with it! Have faith. Extend grace and know that all my strength has to come from Him.....everyone else will fail us at some point in our lives, that is just the way it is (my fairy-tale bubble got "bursted" a long time ago - I wrote "bursted" on purpose, a childhood thing).

Anyway, still have a lot to learn....journey doesn't end, the last chapter not read so I will move forward even when I don't feel like I can. God is my strength, my source. My dad told me once, "Deb, you hold on to faith too much (like it was a crutch). Didn't realize until later, "Wow, that was a real compliment, spiritually speaking!" Since then, my faith can waver like a roller-coaster ride....not good. But God is ever so loving, patient and keeps extending this lady so much grace!!! I need to work on doing the same for others, don't we all.....

Blessings and thanks for all your prayers.....debbie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bracelets and Hatpins....

A "bracelet" and "hatpin" fashion show......