Monday, December 20, 2010

Angel Song Ornaments....wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Angels watching over me......
Wishing you a blessed "Merry Christmas!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plantes, Teacups,, Pincushions!

One of my favorites.....this is a violin planter and I had so much fun and am so pleased at how it turned out to be turned into a pincushion. What do you think?

I call them "Keepsake Pincushions" as each one has a little locket that opens up.

To think that maybe, at some time, this beauty had DIRT in it!!!

Isn't the detail beautiful??!!

A cup of tea anyone?

This is a shell planter. The fabric is from a stretchy type shirt...the texture was so cool!

A neat little vase highlighted with gold. Again, the fabric was from a ladies' top....nice and stretchy with flakes of gold!

A silver sugar bowl....saved the lid for something else. The patina shows that this divine sugar bowl has some stories to tell. The handles have a character of their own! The fabric is blue velvet from a dress or blouse....

Almost saved this little coffee cup to put in my own cupboard. The fabric comes from scraps from who knows where as I have been saving over the long years. The doily just seemed so right for this one.....

This cup is from Czechoslovakia. There was a small chip on the rim so adhered this gold leaf pin to it and it added so much to this piece...really made it special.

This clog type shoe was made in Boys Town...says so on the bottom. The velvet fabric came from a was so hard to make that first cut!

Another sugar bowl....I collected quite a few over the years. The fabric is from a child's dress. It is very hard to cut up clothing items but I know that I would never be able to afford this fabric by itself and where in the world would one find it? Again, a doily for the top. Someone worked awhile on this one....a beautiful rose flower....

A baby bootie with the same fabric from above. My oldest is 23 and I did use cloth diapers back then. I learned the hard way about not having so much cholorine in the bucket as it really eats away at the cotton fabric! This would be a great place to put the diaper pins....

Another great planter with SO much personality.....this looks like a "Daisy" to me and she seems ever so pleasant!

Another pincushion for a precious little one!

I used this fabric the pincushions such a vintage look.

Almost done....Mary's little lamb looking quite perplexed leaning against this
baby book. I could easily bring this little one home.

Sweets for the Sweet....didn't know how this would turn out. The fabric is from a skirt that would definitely need a slip underneath! Blue it!

Well, the PINCUSHION FASHION SHOW is done! Have many more, but not enough time. I want to put these in my etsy shop. Do have some of my Angel Song Ornament Angels in the shop along with a Journal. Please e-mail me if anyone is interested in anything shown here as I do not know if my intentions will get know how it is! Blessings! Remember, God loves you so much....He sent His Son and would have done it just for YOU if YOU were the only one! Busy with work, singing, teaching and enjoying the fellowship at one of our local nursing homes.....planning a craft for next Monday that we can hang on all of the to any ideas....yes, yes, yes!!! Our Thanksgivings are spent helping at the local Senior Citizens Center where we serve a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day so everyone has someone to share with.
We are greatly blessed beyond measure!