Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Unfinished Canvas"....what are your dreams?

This devotion really spoke to me, I hope it does to you, too.....debbie

"Unfinished Canvas"
by Scott Walker

It suddenly occurred to me that I am not going to live long enough to see all my dreams come true in this life. Oddly enough, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve already had more than my share of life’s sweets, and I take pleasure in seeing others accomplish what I cannot.

I always wanted to have a fix-it shop. My brother Tom in Kalamazoo, Michigan, fixes power tools for surgeons. I enjoy hearing about his work. “I would love to make a commercial,” I say to myself, every time I see a humorous one on TV. My brother Mark in Tampa, Florida, makes commercials for a living. I love to work with wood, but have no time for it. My brother Bob in Lowell, Indiana, designs and builds fine furniture, and has a waiting list of orders. My sister Linda Joy is the single, free spirit that appeals to my restless bones and gypsy heart. And my most persistent dream is to live on a small farm, like the one on which my sister Gloria lives near South Bend, Indiana. Perhaps my daughters will write the great American novel that I won’t, and maybe my grandchildren will travel to Australia, where I would like to go.

Increasingly, I find more joy in helping others reach their dreams than I do in having my own dreams come true. When one of my students says, “I would like to become a teacher,” something comes alive in me, because I train teachers for a living. My dream is to fulfill his dream. I have a friend who told me once that “some people are good at saying prayers. Others are good at answering prayers.” It’s the same with dreams, I think. All of us will leave this earth with an unfinished canvas, but no matter. If I can contribute a few strokes of the brush to the masterpiece, then my life has been worthwhile."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Close-ups from the Craft Show!!!

These heating grates came from a house built in 1908. They all sold except for my Elvis Presley tribute grate! Have this one at the store now!

My Fun Rings and button/bead bracelets were a hit! Gals even were trying on the rings and saying how "fun" this is...thus, I said why they are called "fun" rings!

Last year, I made another picture holder with vintage coat buttons. Again, I put one together and someone took it home! There goes some more of those one of a kind buttons!!!

The Angel Song ornaments ended up as a great display! Sold some of those and put them in the store now. I was so thrilled about these and if you want to read a great book, read Angel Song by Sheila Walsh.

These were my glitter shakers with little inspiring words or initials on them. One of those eye candy things, I guess!

I don't know if I sold any of my earrings at the show...have sold them at the store. For the show I punched holes in the cards so I could hang them. Had many comments on how clever the display was with the old decks of cards.

Put some of my cameo compacts in the show along. I tell people these are original photographs. Always reminding people that these ARE one of a kind creations!

Ah, my pincushions! Above is a planter that is a violin. Below are more made fromplanters. This was so enjoyable. I really like all the different kind of planters that are made. Do not have as good luck with the "plants" part as far as keeping them alive. Hey, one does not
have to water these!!!

Sugar bowls...enjoy without all the calories!!!

Memory wire bracelets, too. This time I printed up contact cards....hopefully that will generate more interest for the future!

Birthday cake anyone!!!

Glitter tags!

My "Children of the King" series! The shelves made a great display for those!

Paperweights in glass and using lids from various china pieces!

My Forever Flowers made from scarves and a picture I put together with a little guy I thought looked like a "Ralph".

More paperweights and a pincushion!

My Jelly Roll Scarves that I crocheted and put a vintage button on each. You can position them anyway you want and do not have to deal with the long tails from regular scarves. Main purpose is to keep the neck warm and you can wear them with jackets and regular shirts.

My grates were a great seller!

My journals made from decoupaging photos from a coffee table National Geographic book onto composition notebooks. Gone With the Wind....a great book and movie! Of course, the book was way better! Used a metal pumpkin to hold more button magnets!

More hair pins!!!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the "show"!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faulkton Craft Show went very well!!!

I was very pleased how things went on Saturday!! Here are a few pictures for a quick overview. Will put more detailed ones on soon. Still recovering and now having to put what is left in at the store. Always excited for the show and always excited when it is over....what's up with that! It is a lot of work, I guess and I am kinda uncomfortable with putting myself on display. It is a thrill when people enjoy what you do.....more later. Blessings, debbie

Friday, October 15, 2010

Craft Show Tomorrow....excited, no way to contain it!!!

Just like the water flowing here....well, it reminds me (this picture) of how I am feeling. Excited and waterfalls are exciting. The water, well, just like my excitement....there is no way to contain it and it just keeps flowing out of me. The plants are green, the flowers are blooming....LIFE! There will be lots of LIFE tomorrow as hundreds and hundreds of men and women will be perusing by. The rocks...obstacles may get in the way. Praying for smooth travel, transport of stuff and setting up and tearing down. And really...BELIEVING it will all just flow and go well! Yes, that is what I will be believing!!! I plan to take lots of pictures and will share them with you all.

Have a great day!!! deb:)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homecoming Parade in Redfield...Pheasant Season coming, too!

October 1st was Homecoming. No, we didn't win the football game, darn! It was great fun though. We love the parade. My husband and I scramble with the best of them for the candy....then we don't have to buy more for Halloween! This year, one of the banks threw t-shirts, another group threw measuring tapes, then we have those running for office and then if we are lucky, some throw candy bars!!! We are easily entertained here!!!

This fancy lady is Bobbi and she and her husband (the other person in purple to Bobbi's right, Jeremy) run our Anytime Fitness here in Redfield. I asked her to give me a pose. Isn't she great!!! Love the boots!!!

My son Isaac is there with the trombone looking way too serious!

Small town America, Folks!!!

Made 4 U Bracelets....always have fun with those!!!

Always have fun making these bracelets as I mostly use necklaces that were made a long while ago that women will not just wear....may stick them in a drawer, drape them over something....mostly have them tucked away in a jewelry box. WELL, they make great bracelets and the possibilities are endless!!!!! And easy to wear!!


Button Bead Bracelets!!! Craft show just around the corner!!!

My inventory was low with the button/bead bracelets! They went over so well last year at the craft show in Faulkton, South Dakota. I won't be bringing as many and will have to make more after the show for the store. I ran out of glass beads in the black, bronze and white. Can you imagine actually running out of beads! So, having fun and looking forward to the show and sharing with Peggy and am so thankful for my husband helping me. I will take pictures at the show and then I will be able to show you the doors turned into corner shelves. They have turned out fabulous and with the fall colors, OH MY!!!

Having a great day!!! Christian Women's met today. My manager at the antique store share about decorating with antiques. Joan did a great job! What great fun and wonderful fellowship and a good meal and coffee to boot!!! Blessings....debbie

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, I have created more and need to get pictures of all that. I took a great leap this last week and gave my notice at one of my jobs. It was a job I loved but was pulling too much out of me emotionally and physically. I am fortunate that Joe works full-time and we have medical through him. I know that many are not that fortunate and have to both work full-time. It was a very hard decision as I, like many was getting much of my self worth from bringing home a decent paycheck every 2 weeks. I was having no time to create, everything rushed and trying to squeeze this and that in and not meeting the needs of my family and the house and other involvements in the community.

Hope this finds everyone having a great day. Our own cat (this isn't a picture of him) was lost for over a week. Eventually found him in a nearby garage trapped inside and was Oscar so glad to see me and I was glad more for Joe to see Oscar. Joe is more the cat lover.
The leaves are falling, changing, is beautiful! Good day.....debbie