Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swimming along nicely as I get ready for next month's craft show!

Internet still not working at I grab a photo available here on the library computer. Don't know how to download from internet sites....if anyone could help and explain how to do that in "simple" terms, I would appreciate it. As for now, I will just have to make do with Tommy the Turtle here....

Am so excited and feeling as comfortable in my craft room these days as Tommy here probably feels in the ocean. I have gotten so many things done for the craft fair next month. My friend Peggy and I are trying to stay focused here and GET THINGS DONE!!! I just finished working almost 12 hours yesterday making pincushions and doing this in a way as far as repurposing items such as planters, cups, metal shoe forms, etc. It has been fun! I will take some pictures and put them on here as soon as I can.

With the fun also comes sad times as I helped and attended a funeral today for a dear friend in our church. Al was 80 years young and knew where his eternal home was which does bring some peace in the midst of sadness. As I layed awake this morning thinking about the day, the Lord gave me another craft idea....angels. Angels made from the teardrop crystals of a glass chandelier that I have had for sale for a couple of years at the store. A beautiful chandelier and I decided to take it home and use the glass teardrops for something. Well, this morning, forming in my mind was music from the old hymns shining with glitter from behind those teardrops and making is fitting today to make those angels and remember the blessing that Al was here on earth to so many.

Well, only have 30 minutes at the library....sure do miss the internet at home. My hubby and I talked about doing away with the internet, but (after a night's sleep on it) I really thought we should continue with it and get our modem fixed.....just keep our priorities right. God's Word first to start the day and we can handle anything the day brings! Don't you agree

Happy crafting today. Will be glad when I have to time to enjoy others' blogs, too.....debbie

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