Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feeling like Fall!!!

It's feeling a lot like Fall around here!!! We all are so excited as we have had some crazy hot and humid summer. Yes, this has been prime for growing. My friend Peggy....her tomatoes have been lovin' the hot humid weather and she is having a great harvest with the tomatoes and oh, to see her sunflowers....they are huge!!!
I have been super busy with the two jobs. Trying to wind down and get busy with the craft fair in October. Peggy from Prairie Pastimes blog and I are going to have booths next to each other! We are so excited! I just need to get focused and busy!!!!
I have been exploring blogs and having fun. My computer is down at home so am at the library. We have a wonderful library here in our small town. Our is one of the Carnegie libraries and had an add on in the last couple of years....something we are all enjoying.
Treated myself today and found some great items to alter and have fun with and had the leftovers of a fancy iced coffee drink to boot at Simply Charming here in Redfield. Don't do the fancy drinks very often....just not in the budget. Have curbed my coffee and newspaper everyday as I am not sponsoring a child through World Vision and figure that money can be better spent supporting Festers, a 13 years old boy from Zambia. My son Isaac, well he wanted a brother as he is the only one home yet and will be the only one for the next 5 years....this is the best I could do!!!
Well, I want to get some things done and hope to be posting some creations soon. Have a fabulous day!!!! debbie

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