Friday, September 24, 2010

Forever Flowers!....unless someone has a better name....let me know....

Just playing around with you....I mean these are the "Forever Flowers"!!!! :)

Brown flowers! Well, these are all scarves I bought at a Flea Market in Watertown, South Dakota. I have had so much fun doing this...don't know if it has ever been done. It is a literal one of those that I woke up to the idea while in bed. I feel it is another "God Inspired" moment. You can use these on your shirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans and even hats or to even embellish a scarf alread wrapped around your neck and these pins can anchor it so nicely. I was going to put pin backs on them, but thought these seemed more like corsages....what do you think? I think the brown is quite pretty!

Oh, how beautiful all the colors are. These took more time than I anticipated as there is some sewing involved so the scarves stay in their flower shapes. The leaves are sewed into the flower and then felt is covering that. I put beads in with the corsage pins to match the flowers.

This one is my favorite and my friend Wanda wants this one, especially because of the button. Yes, this is a button. Isn't it gorgeous!

Some more. I love the poke-a-dot one at the bottom right! Another favorite is the pink one at the bottom just has a wispy look to it! Well, hope you enjoyed these. Trying to finish up projects for the craft show next month. My friend Peggy keeps counting down for me....oh, I hope I have enough time to get all that is in my head to do!!! Blessings, debbie

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