Friday, September 24, 2010

Forever Flowers!....unless someone has a better name....let me know....

Just playing around with you....I mean these are the "Forever Flowers"!!!! :)

Brown flowers! Well, these are all scarves I bought at a Flea Market in Watertown, South Dakota. I have had so much fun doing this...don't know if it has ever been done. It is a literal one of those that I woke up to the idea while in bed. I feel it is another "God Inspired" moment. You can use these on your shirts, jackets, sweaters, jeans and even hats or to even embellish a scarf alread wrapped around your neck and these pins can anchor it so nicely. I was going to put pin backs on them, but thought these seemed more like corsages....what do you think? I think the brown is quite pretty!

Oh, how beautiful all the colors are. These took more time than I anticipated as there is some sewing involved so the scarves stay in their flower shapes. The leaves are sewed into the flower and then felt is covering that. I put beads in with the corsage pins to match the flowers.

This one is my favorite and my friend Wanda wants this one, especially because of the button. Yes, this is a button. Isn't it gorgeous!

Some more. I love the poke-a-dot one at the bottom right! Another favorite is the pink one at the bottom just has a wispy look to it! Well, hope you enjoyed these. Trying to finish up projects for the craft show next month. My friend Peggy keeps counting down for me....oh, I hope I have enough time to get all that is in my head to do!!! Blessings, debbie

Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting so much done!!! Got the world by the the moment, anyway!

We are getting so much done!!! Can't wait to show you all what I have been up to in getting ready for the craft show. I hope Peggy will post pictures soon, too (hint, hint)....I know I plan to as soon as we get our new modem. In the words of Winnie the Pooh, "Oh, bother!" Yes, it has been a pain and yet, I am amazed at what comes to mind when I find a picture to use on this computer!!! Just am so excited at all I am getting done and all the ideas that the Lord is blessing me with. Yes, I am creating in my mind and losing sleep....October 16th can't come soon enough as far as sleeping goes, but we WILL get through it!!!

Blessings your way in your creating!!!

Anyone wanting the notes from the Women of Faith....just let me know. Another gal requested them...I get so excited about that! To share what was so beautifully shared by so many great people at such a huge gathering of women....yes, lots of good stuff! E-mail me....don't hesitate to ask..... * ~debbie

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Swimming along nicely as I get ready for next month's craft show!

Internet still not working at I grab a photo available here on the library computer. Don't know how to download from internet sites....if anyone could help and explain how to do that in "simple" terms, I would appreciate it. As for now, I will just have to make do with Tommy the Turtle here....

Am so excited and feeling as comfortable in my craft room these days as Tommy here probably feels in the ocean. I have gotten so many things done for the craft fair next month. My friend Peggy and I are trying to stay focused here and GET THINGS DONE!!! I just finished working almost 12 hours yesterday making pincushions and doing this in a way as far as repurposing items such as planters, cups, metal shoe forms, etc. It has been fun! I will take some pictures and put them on here as soon as I can.

With the fun also comes sad times as I helped and attended a funeral today for a dear friend in our church. Al was 80 years young and knew where his eternal home was which does bring some peace in the midst of sadness. As I layed awake this morning thinking about the day, the Lord gave me another craft idea....angels. Angels made from the teardrop crystals of a glass chandelier that I have had for sale for a couple of years at the store. A beautiful chandelier and I decided to take it home and use the glass teardrops for something. Well, this morning, forming in my mind was music from the old hymns shining with glitter from behind those teardrops and making is fitting today to make those angels and remember the blessing that Al was here on earth to so many.

Well, only have 30 minutes at the library....sure do miss the internet at home. My hubby and I talked about doing away with the internet, but (after a night's sleep on it) I really thought we should continue with it and get our modem fixed.....just keep our priorities right. God's Word first to start the day and we can handle anything the day brings! Don't you agree

Happy crafting today. Will be glad when I have to time to enjoy others' blogs, too.....debbie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Need this reminder once in awhile....about crafting/working etc.

Read this in the devotionals for Women of Faith. I struggle with this very thing every day. I love creating yet it doesn't pay the bills. My wonderful husband takes care of that. My two part-time jobs wouldn't handle everything. What I create and sell, well, there are good months and not so good months and now preparing for a major craft show next month....and is it all in vain in the big scheme of things? No, but it does wear on me....not pulling my weight, not working full-time even though "full-time" is really a figure of speech in the large picture (a women's work is NEVER done)....for she sees things that always need to be done, down to the tiniest speck on the carpet!!! HAVE been busy in so many other is often a fight within to get upstairs into my craft room. There are other places I want to be, too, like at the weekly sing along and devotional at one of our nursing homes, maybe helping with bingo, painting nails, visiting someone, reading to the little ones at the library....always calling my name and I love it....but the balancing act is SO HARD. That struggling catepillar turning into a butterfly!!! I'm 47! I should be that beautiful butterfly by now, but most times, I feel as though I am still struggling out of the cocoon! Anita Renfroe from Women of Faith shares about all of this in a much more eloquent way than I can say.....

My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward for all my labor. — Ecclesiastes 2:10 niv

I saw Anderson Cooper (of CNN) give an interview recently, and in it he responded to a question regarding the best advice his mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) ever gave him. He responded that she advised him to follow his bliss and the money would come. He had a dream to be a reporter and he now anchors each weeknight with his own news show. I don’t know what your “bliss” might be, but I urge you to find a calling in life and attach it to your work.

Whether you have a job and wish you didn’t, or don’t have one and wish you did, or if you wish you had different people to work with or report to, the dailyness of your workplace can become a mental drag if you don’t choose to see it as a place of purpose and mission. The Bible gives us clear principles regarding whatever labor we undertake. Read Colossians 3:23, Luke 9:62, Romans 13:1, Matthew 7:12.

These scriptural principles allow us to see that we are working for more than a paycheck, that we are committed to endurance and excellence in any undertaking, and that our Real Boss doesn’t inhabit the corner office, but has it all in his hands.
— Anita Renfroe

Excerpted from A Grand New Day © 2008 by Thomas Nelson. Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson. Used with permission. All rights reserved

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feeling like Fall!!!

It's feeling a lot like Fall around here!!! We all are so excited as we have had some crazy hot and humid summer. Yes, this has been prime for growing. My friend Peggy....her tomatoes have been lovin' the hot humid weather and she is having a great harvest with the tomatoes and oh, to see her sunflowers....they are huge!!!
I have been super busy with the two jobs. Trying to wind down and get busy with the craft fair in October. Peggy from Prairie Pastimes blog and I are going to have booths next to each other! We are so excited! I just need to get focused and busy!!!!
I have been exploring blogs and having fun. My computer is down at home so am at the library. We have a wonderful library here in our small town. Our is one of the Carnegie libraries and had an add on in the last couple of years....something we are all enjoying.
Treated myself today and found some great items to alter and have fun with and had the leftovers of a fancy iced coffee drink to boot at Simply Charming here in Redfield. Don't do the fancy drinks very often....just not in the budget. Have curbed my coffee and newspaper everyday as I am not sponsoring a child through World Vision and figure that money can be better spent supporting Festers, a 13 years old boy from Zambia. My son Isaac, well he wanted a brother as he is the only one home yet and will be the only one for the next 5 years....this is the best I could do!!!
Well, I want to get some things done and hope to be posting some creations soon. Have a fabulous day!!!! debbie