Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reunion and Journals....

At my Bible College reunion. Here I am with a friend of mine who now lives in Colorado....Gary. It has been a long time!!!!

Sharing with you more of my composition book journals!!!

A map of the Theatre War in North America!!! I enjoy map pictures...what a lot of work to put those together!!!

Shadowbox pictures!

Learning on the old slates!!!

The shadowbox pictures are my favorite!

Switchboard service....look at what those ladies had to sit on!!!

During the war....traveling on those rough roads!

For those outdoor kinda guys.....we sell antique pistols and such at the antique store. Some of the writings on those weapons are so small. Yesterday, I was looking at the writing on one a gentleman was interested in....had to put my glasses on AND get a magnifying glass!

A classic picture from Gone With the Wind.....even though the movie was good, the book was great and so was the sequel, Scarlett.

Busy week ahead. Hope you all have a good and productive one!!! School will be starting before we know it! It has been a quick summer for me!!!


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