Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life goes on......

This was just a handful of beads and a brooch that my manager at the antique store asked me to fix. It was her mother's. I added the old gold metal beads and repositioned the brooch and used all the original hardware. I think it turned out quite nice. We were thinking to make a bracelet out of the beads and turn the brooch into a pin brooch separately....but as I was looking at it and trying to rework things, it just seemed that it needed to be a necklace once again!!!

I don't know if I need to apologize for the blog before this. It is still a hurting time for me and our whole congregation and for people in this small town of ours about our pastor's wife, Marly. We still are in shock and as we work through it "life does indeed go on". There was a funeral to do for another member of our church, work still beckons, others have needs that arise and we continue to take one breath in and exhale one breath out......thank you....

The flower pin just needed to be fixed. Isn't it gorgeous!!!

Blessings this day. Always holding on the Lord and never letting go.....debbie

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