Saturday, July 31, 2010

Journals and Fun Rings!!!

It is LATE!!! Just came home about an hour ago from my Bible college reunion! I have never been to any of my high school reunions....our class was over 300! The 10 year reunion, I was in England, the 20th, I was in California....probably be here in Redfield for my 30th. I worked so much in high school except for a semester playing tennis, I only really knew a few people BUT, I didn't want to miss my college reunion! It was our first that Dakota Bible College has ever had. The college itself closed her doors in 1985. It has been operating since the 1940's, so there were many there that I didn't know. But, those that attended in the 80's!!! Oh, how enjoyable....I will post pictures on my Devotionally Yours blog of me singing with my old traveling music group, Feed Company....."Feed My Sheep", the Lord asks of all of us!

Here are some of the journals I have been working on....just something simple and fun! Pictures are from a National Geographic Book, a hardback coffee table book. I really like journals and keep them myself.....have notebooks full of memories, notes, devotions over the trials, joys and thoughts!!! Made some more Fun Rings....sold out of the ones I made and had a great time making more. Definitely what one calls, Eye Candy.....don't you think???!!!

Well, it has been a fulllll day! Such a blessed day.....have a great Sunday...

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