Monday, July 26, 2010

Close-ups of the Earrings and "Tyme Flies"....

I love how the jar lids turned out for the jar swap. I haven't heard from Renee or Suzie on if they have received the jars.....I hope they enjoyed them! They did such a wonderful job on the ones they made for me.
Thank you again!!!

Last week, I shared a picture of the earrings I made. Here are some close-ups! Hope you all have a great week. It is Vacation Bible School this week, so will be busy with that! The theme this year is a Sea Adventure, so we were making the stages at the two churches look like ships, complete with masts, waves and sea creatures!!!
Blessings, debbie

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  1. Debbie your earrings look gorgeous love how you have used those gorgeous old cards to hold them on they really are eyecatching....