Monday, June 14, 2010

Mickey says, "Rain and More Rain!!!!"

Took our dog for a walk....started sprinkling and hasn't stopped. Been like this off and on for far too long. Ended up giving Bev a bath because we walked the country roads and boy, was she muddy! Mickey here is using an umbrella, too!!! Found this awhile back.....

'Course Mickey needs the umbrella because he is part of a sprinkler!!!


The weather has gotten cooler because of the rain....knocked out the humidity, so can't complain there! Little Red Riding Hood has it all figured out!!!

Or maybe not!!!

Dry days will come when we will be thankful for the rain.....yet, the farmers were not able to plant everything that needed to be planted. God is in everything and He will take care of our needs......
Blessings, debbie

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