Saturday, June 5, 2010

Frogland??? No, Turton, South Dakota!!! Population..."not very many"...people

I don't know who painted this sign, but I love it!!! This is the beginning of our tour of "Frog Land", so to speak. Another time, I will take you to Oz, the town we visited first on our day trip to small towns. I was just anxious to show you this town and all the frogs!!!

Yes, this is me and I AM petting the frog! Nice froggee!

My friend, Wanda.....she drove and likes frogs, too!

I just love murals and sooooo, I took tons of pictures here of this one. Feel free to copy and paste and do whatever you want with some of these close-ups!

When is the last time you have seen a wooden street sign?

This was a dance hall, now used for motor/garage storage.

The Catholic Church!!!

Before I went into the church, I caught sight of these frogs and their set up close to the church!

Now, this is livin'!!!

OK, I finally got inside the church. It doesn't matter what denomination, there is nothing more soothing than being in a sanctuary!

Stained glass windows....oh, the art in that!!!

I am not Catholic, but I believe this is where you light candles to say prayers for people? This is beautiful!

Outside again....

The school houses were usually named by what land they were built on...I didn't know this. Did any of you?

What can I say....I thought the mailbox was cool...too bad it had a modern
padlock on it!

My favorite favorite picture!!! If you only knew.....this says quite a lot!!!

Yep, I like this!!!

Oh, and did I mention the GIANT grasshopper!!!!

Have a great day, evening, weekend!!!!

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