Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crandall, South Dakota......spare tire showing the way!!!

Yep, that is us!!!! This is on the door of the gas station in Crandall, South Dakota.....however before we got there as this is out in the middle of nowhere land.....a tire had to point us in the right direction!!! No kidding!!!


One...up-to-date street sign!

And one amazing gas station!!!!

See the numbers telling you how much gas.....enlarge the picture and look close!

Well, I also took pictures of the outhouse for this gas station, but didn't put it here for now. I think a book on just pictures of outhouses would be a cool book.....well, maybe not to some of you, but I am old enough to say that I had to use one when visiting my grandparents in Avon, South Dakota. There were two places to sit, hanging toilet paper and reading material! I had my fear like any young person at the time that I would fall in or spiders would get me!
I hope this finds everyone having a good day! I have been reading so much on blogs about swaps and being featured. It is fun to see what everyone comes up with. I would like to do that or when I get my creative juices flowing or feature more of what I have already made that I can do a swap or be featured on someone else's blog....oh, what a great thing that would be!
Excitement around here with baseball, company and a car accident....with the latter, everyone is ok and that is what counts! Staying busy at the antique store and wonderful people buying my jewelry and birdfeeders and such....just makes my day when people appreciate my creations! Well, I sure appreciate all the ones I see on the blogs!!!
Blessings, debbie

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