Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Drink" Stir-Sticks!!!

Repurposing....chess pieces and vintage stir sticks....what do you think?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Button Jar Doorstops" are selling!!!!

Oh, the "tremor" of it all....to be letting go of buttons at such a magnitude! I am going to be ok, yes, I know I will be. My button shelf is much easier to handle and I am not letting go of my most precious ones here, but still, they are buttons and I have such a love for buttons!!! YES!
These babies get a little heavy! Placed several jars in a laundry basket to take to the antique store and couldn't lift it....had to pace myself and take a few out! The large white one in the back sold yesterday! I love seeing white buttons together....never can really understand all the different shades of white until you put together white buttons in one place! Don't you think!

Amazing what one can do with twine, jars, buttons, upholstery fabric samples and a paper bag!!!
Having fun!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jars of Plenty.....TOYS!!!

Good evening!!! Am slowly going through my craft room and found a suitcase full of toys and novelties. Decided to put a bunch of jars together to display and sell them......and thus,

Military men....


Blocks and Barbie stuff.....

Chess and Checkers.....

Cowboys and Country.....

Game pieces and other guys....

Animals and Reptiles....

Disney toys....

And let's get a little romantic.....my favorite Disney scene....the spaghetti scene....

More game pieces and puzzle pieces with magnets on them!!!

Checkers and a patent sign.....

Covered lids....isn't this pretty!!!

Enjoyed this and have had lots of fun having them for sale at the store!!! I keep in mind that what I create can also be used in our huge craft fair in the fall....opening day of pheasant season. Redfield is considered the Pheasant Capital of the World, don't you know!!!
Button Jar Door Stops next....stay tuned.....debbie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Handmade Vintage Hairpins!!!!

I have been working in my craft room....doing some creating, doing some cleaning and reorganizing. The cleaning and reorganizing is what I need to do most as it helps me to feel better about being up there in what is suppose to be my "haven." Interestingly enough, the word "haven" is just one letter short of making it "heaven".....so that "e" for me stands for "everything" that I need to tend to, whether it is figuring out what I just won't get done in this lifetime and get rid of it, sell it, donate it.....whatever I need to do to make my haven more like my small place of heaven. Am I getting anyone's attention on this!! I know it is getting mine!!!

Hairpins anyone!!!!

Please let me know what you think!!!!
Have a great day!!! ~debbie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final small town of that day....Bristol, South Dakota!

Someone loves to collect old gas station signs, for sure!!! In this little town of Bristol is also an antique store that is in an old elementary school. It isn't a little school and if you are EVER in the area, this would be your one stop shopping place! Didn't capture pictures of the shop, but a few things in it.....another way of looking at "signs" of the times, indeed!!!

and then there are these....."signs of the times"!!!!

Getting to work! Thankful for a job that I can also create when time allows! Hope this finds you all having a great day and a productive day!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mickey says, "Rain and More Rain!!!!"

Took our dog for a walk....started sprinkling and hasn't stopped. Been like this off and on for far too long. Ended up giving Bev a bath because we walked the country roads and boy, was she muddy! Mickey here is using an umbrella, too!!! Found this awhile back.....

'Course Mickey needs the umbrella because he is part of a sprinkler!!!


The weather has gotten cooler because of the rain....knocked out the humidity, so can't complain there! Little Red Riding Hood has it all figured out!!!

Or maybe not!!!

Dry days will come when we will be thankful for the rain.....yet, the farmers were not able to plant everything that needed to be planted. God is in everything and He will take care of our needs......
Blessings, debbie

Friday, June 11, 2010

Webster, South Dakota!!!

Webster, South Dakota.....
now these are the great theatres!!!

Hiway Ball Room.....care to dance!!!

Another great mural!!!

The clock isn't set at the right time, folks....I wish we had that kind of time as we were nearing the middle of the afternoon....

Aren't the flowers beautiful and provide such a great setting for this mural!

A big old house....lots of character, lots of stories,
I'm sure....

Time for a break....

This was in the A&W restaurant....complete with the classics!!!

Last official franchise in South Dakota!!!

I am thirsty for a root beer!!!
Have a great day!!!