Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks, Karen Valentine, for the upgrade & Enjoyed a "COLORFUL" day yesterday!!!

Just wanted to say thanks publicly to Karen Valentine who updated my blog for me....couldn't figure out how to make my header fit and she created the great "buttons" for is just so cool and she did a great job and is very reasonable. When I can afford further upgrades, I know who to contact. Her blog is: ALSO!!! She is featured in the WHERE WOMEN CREATE, the most recent, you all should look at that. What a beautiful place she has created to work and create!!!

Well, speaking of creating....I know it is Memorial Day. All is quiet on the homefront as Joe is sleeping and will be doing another 12 hour shift tonight. I have taken some time off....hopefully....unless I get called in. And, I hope I get some stuff done! My goodness. The days just get away from me.

Isaac and I did do something fun yesterday. Went to Aberdeen and enjoyed the Art and Bicycle Spectacle.....enjoyed the different art doings, music and free food....can't, go wrong when there is free food. Dan the owner of the Red Rooster Coffee Shop put out a great spread and didn't know he is quite a performer himself. Inside the shop, he played guitar and sang a few Neil Diamond songs....even upon request he sang, Sweet Caroline!

So, as for the pictures here.....colorful, wouldn't you say!!! Well, Isaac and I had a "colorful" day yesterday. It was wonderful for me to see him participate in different art projects. Took pictures with my cellphone, but do not know how to send them to the internet.

If you want to see an up and coming glass bead artist....go to:

Marcus Murray Glassworks on Facebook. Oh, how I would love to conquer that art. Marcus has been doing this for over 11 years.

Have a great day enjoying your FREEDOM!!!! Thank you to our men and women, past, present and future who provide this great freedom for us!!!! debbie


  1. I like the blog buttons, I may need something from her!

  2. Hey Debbie!
    Girl, that glasswork is gorgeous. Can you imagine the patience it takes for that?
    Karen did a wonderful job of your buttons and placing your header. I really love this background. I had it for the first two years of blogging and just had it recently changed (through Karen). When I come here and see it though...I miss it. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of it. Smart you for not getting rid of it! :)
    Happy June!!!