Monday, May 24, 2010

"REPURPOSING"!!!! ...that is what I am all about!!!

Yes, that is what I am all about....thinking outside of the box, well, has anyone asked themselves, hey, what I can do with THAT box!!!! So, would like to share with you all out there in blogland some of what I repurpose. And just want to thank Andrea from Vintage Bella Studio for doing the "Show what you create Blog party". I had fun sharing and reading everyone else's blogs that shared!!! Boosted my confidence! How about yours?

Well, no more commercials....enjoy the show!!!! Have a great day! Windy here and the tornadoes that are in the news for South Dakota were 40 some miles Northwest of here. Those that lost stuff need to be prayed for and heard of no lives lost, thank the Lord! more, please look below..... :)

This was a spice shelf of my grandparents. Now it is a bathsalts shelf for the bathroom!

My other birdfeeder chandelier! I love the blue! Could have painted the glass, but just couldn't do it! I thought the design was so pretty!

You could make this a birdbath chandelier, too!

Hello! This is a tree feeder for the birds. Great way to use all those sconces. This one already has a friend-bird to visit with!

Cup and saucer birdfeeders, personalized with charms on the spoons. There are no two alike!!! That is what I enjoy telling will never find another one anywhere else just like this one!!!!

Rain gauges, too!!! 'Course my late husband, Mark would say this isn't an accurate gauge. I space the R-A-I-N letters an inch apart, but he said the opening is too large. Well, "Honey," I said, "We really don't care how accurate they are (most of us unless living on a farm, I guess) but just that they are cute!!!!"

Larger birdbaths! My birds loves these! I shared in another post my birdbath from an old gumball machine stand! The birds do play! It is a delight to see!

Butterfly charm....another way to use beads, buttons and/or charms.

I do provide some birdseed to get you started!!!!

One can mix and match the cups and saucers! This is what is fun!!! Isn't this a beautiful saucer!!!

We have a lot of farmers and ranchers around here! Just waiting for the "horse-minded" one to pick this one up!!!

We really don't need anymore "rain" around here! Thankfully the wind should dry things out so the farmers can get more done in the fields!!!

I like to put a fancy piece on my rain gauges.....did I say "fancy", yes I said "fancy"!!!

Still figuring out how to take those close-up shots!!! You can't see it very well, but this has a beautiful filligree cap!

Well, that is all for now!!! Don't forget to "feed the birds"!!!

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  1. Hi, Debbie,
    You always have the best ideas!! I love how you are using the vintage spice rack, and those bird feeders are wonderful. You have inspired me to try making some, especially the chandelier one. You had asked about copying and pasting my post of childhood memories to send to your friends and family, and I am humbled and honored that you would want to do so. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Have a beautiful weekend, sweet friend~ Vicki