Monday, May 10, 2010

More of her clothes!!! Madame Alexander....Cissy!

For those shopping moments, on their, one can't stay in the hotel room the whole time.....teehee....

This glorious blue/grey coat with two black glass buttons is the style!!

See, the hint of the fashionable dress underneath!!

A sleeveless paisley dress....just perfect for the Spring season in London!

Can you see the detail of the two little bows in front....such care given, don't you think!! It took time for those little bows.....people didn't have all the modern conveniences like we did and they still had time for creating such as this!!!

More to come! Hope you look at all the posts with Madame Alexander. She is listed on ebay with a little over 6 days left. Check on her through my seller name.....ddemmers42. Thanks....deb

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