Monday, May 10, 2010

"Madame Alexander"...Cissy going to lunch!!

These earrings are not going to match Cissy's outfit for lunch.....will have to change that out before going with her new husband to one of the outdoor places that are so plentiful in London to eat at. I use to live in England myself....loved the places to eat, the pubs and their history! Loved it, just loved it!!!!

Do not know a lot about fabrics....maybe someone who enlarges one of these pictures, can tell me the type of fabric it is. I know it is cotton, but there is a name for it. Red, black and white....great contrasting colors to look very sharp....don't you think!

Now Cissy can wear this without the white waist length blouse, with the cute little bow (do you see it?) or she can wear it with. I think I would wear it with....unless I was going to eat some pasta with red sauce!!!

Oh, the velvet black ribbon to line the jacket....very smart looking!

Yes, yes, yes.....Cissy will turn some heads with this outfit! Hopefully her man is secure about her love for him!

More to come!!! Let me know what you all think of this style show. It is about as close as I will ever get to one!!!

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