Monday, May 10, 2010

"Madame Alexander" going to the bookstore!

When I was first shown this doll, I thought the necklace was an add-on and really a bracelet. No, the gal said that was with the doll when she received it Christmas of 1958. Mary Ann always had the doll covered. Some people have glass cases built......either way, Cissy is now out and about and going to her favorite place ALONE, the bookstore! If you ever have been in a bookstore in England, well, it is a pleasure. The owner may fix you a spot of tea while you was heavenly!!!

I think her hair is fine....been fine since 1958!!!

Oh, we have another great pattern of cloth. The black velvet bow at the waist "cinches" the deal!!!

I would say, with those blouses that close at the back, "Honey, can you help me?"

Black pumps would just be the thing....matching the velvet black bow!!!

Oh, this is fun....almost done!!! deb

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