Monday, May 10, 2010

"Madame Alexander Doll" with extra handmade wardrobe!!!

Am listing this amazing doll for a gal. I am not into collectible or antique dolls but sure found this one amazing. I would like to share with you briefly the story behind how this doll was acquired....

A group of ladies back in 1958 did different things to raise money for the community. They purchased this doll and made several handmade outfits for her. During the Christmas season in 1958, she was raffled at a local business. A loving dad gave a dollar towards the raffle and won Cissy for his own daughter who was to be married early in 1959. Isn't she beautiful!!!

I am going to place several posts at once to show you all her amazing handmade outfits. I have Cissy listed on ebay right now with her outfits. A wonderful gal sent me a message that collectors usually do not appreciate the clothings other than what the doll was originally in which she said is too bad....I agree, as these outfits are totally awesome!!! Even Eilers Furs donated a stole for Cissy which you will see in the other posts. I hope you all look at all the posts to see her wardrobe!!! It just takes me back in time....well, to my Barbie days!!! I have several wonderful outfits handmade by a gal in her 80's that fit the Barbie....she lined everything except the underwear that she made! I will treasure those forever!!!

Thanks so much!!! Am so excited!!! debbie:)

So, every gal getting married, needs to have a load of great clothes for her honeymoon! This is the main item....a great nightgown and robe!!

All that hard kind of material, I think anyway, to sew with. This was done with such loving care!!!

The only thing missing is the slippers for those cold floors!!!

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  1. Debbie, I saw your doll on ebay and always love to look at those homemade clothes and appreciate the work and detail they have. I love your doll, she is lovely. I will bid on it but I know it will go much higher than I can afford. I have a fwe fixer-upers that I love and only one orginal dress.The others are naked until I get time to sew for them. the most important thing I want to share is we have our faith and love for our Lord Jesus! That is who I serve and sew for. I rin the sewing ministry for Wycliffe Assc. in the winter and sew for Tendala Mission hospital all year . I sew about 350 baby layettes and surgical supplies. Just wanted to say that I loved your comments about the clothes and think your doll is just stunning.May God continue to Bless and keep you and thanks for not being ashamed to proclaim his name. Irene B. Breuhaus