Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Lilacs anyone"????

Late afternoon and my husband and I are trying to put on a new screen door.....and I think I have him talked into a new door also! We purchased the screen door awhile ago and I did remind him that we would have purchased a new door also, but they didn't have the right size of the one we wanted. Presently, he was saying that we should just paint this one.....well, there is plastic molding to be removed as it is broken and then there would be holes to fill and trying to match the paint....just more work than getting a new door!!! Taking a break and wanting to share with you the lilacs in our yard. Every year, I say that I am going to take pictures of the beautiful lilacs....enjoy them this way as my sense of smell isn't very good. I truly believe it is because of blogging that I take the time to take pictures these days!!! And hence, have taken pictures to share with you of our lilacs in their glory of various colors!!! I just wish their blooms lasted is another amazing part of life and creation, so, how when looking at these little blooms that make up the whole, can we not believe in a divine Creator!!!

Blessings this day to all of you and thank you, Lord, for your creation! ~debbie

And remember.....
"The human life is like that of a flower: it blooms and is beautiful for a time, but inevitably fades and withers away. By contrast, God is eternal and will never die or fade away. " (I Pt. 1:23-25)

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