Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Jewelry Hangers" and "Brooches"!!!

I made a few jewelry hangers for the store and craft show last year. This one is my favorite and couldn't bear to part with it....sooo, I put my favorite brooches on it and have it hanging in my craft room for great inspiration!!!

Would you believe this brooch is from a dollar store!!!

This one is older, love the different petals etched!

This one I found at the store where I work...had to have it!!!

This one....well, it just needed a stone, can you find where I replaced one? Ever feel like that little stone.....just not quite part of the group? And yet, that says alot too.....kinda fun to not blend in too well!!!

Blessings to you all. Know it has been awhile since I posted. Been working crazy hours, crazy!!! After our city-wide, I plan to get really into things in my room. The ideas keep coming....just have to have time to get to them. Enjoying all your blogs and being so inspired by those of you sharing your creations and best of all your hearts!!! deb

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