Friday, May 21, 2010

Creating, YES!, but sharing from awhile ago.....please look :)

Creating.......haven't had time with 2 jobs to get any creating done! Soooo, hope it is ok to share with you some repurposing that I have done! Bracelets from buttons and beads!!

A card holder embellished with coat buttons, one is a furry was so hard to offer this for sale at the craft show I was in....and it sold to a gal that was just in awe of, that was worth it, for sure!

A fan painted red with "MY FANS" with Scrabble letters and old class photos! One gal recently wanted to just buy two of the clothespins with the letters on them....told her it went with the fan!

Wire candle chanelier turned into a birdfeeder complete with bird friends!!!

Buttons, who's got the buttons!! I have tons, well, maybe not tons, but I do have jars and jars and drawers full....made these button bookmarks with little encouraging words on the leaves. Made them to help us all get through the long winter we had here in the Dakotas!!!

Well, I have to get to my other job! It would be quite a compliment to get some comments here. You all are so amazing! I will look at the list of other blogs this weekend. Blessings, debbie


  1. Hi Debbie! Great re-do's...the red fan with letters is too cute!

  2. Lovely...your little birdie chandelier is delightful!

  3. Hi Debbie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Aren't you the ingenuous one with your crafting! I really like all your creations! Suzie

  4. It was great seeing all the varied things you make. I love your shop too very much! Your vignettes are so creative and the items are fabulous!!! If only I could go shopping there!

    (another blog party-er)

  5. Debbie, your bracelets are adorable! Everything you make is sweet. Thanks for stopping at my blog. I'm following your blog so we can keep up. Take care.

  6. You get a lot of creating done with two jobs.....I loved your photo holder with the coat buttons.........I love buttons!!!!

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the red fan and the button flowers. My daughters and I collect vintage buttons.

  8. debbie, you are to funny, of course you can come to me for sewing advice, but beware!!! I cannot follow a pattern to save my life! It is better if I just wing it. I am a self taught sewer. So we'll learn together :)

  9. Kindred spirit! Yep, sugar, sure are. I also cut out pix from magazines and save them to a file for future use. Well, SOME magazines. I don't do the really popular ones anymore because they're quickly becoming classics to people. Sooooo I scan them. Great idea. Don't ya just love technology, chick?! I DO....

    Nice to meet ya. Coffee filter roses? I'll have to explain that in an email to you. I don't see your email on here so get in touch with me from my email on the side bar of my blog and I'll explain how I do them.


  10. Hi Debbie,
    What beautiful things you've done with your buttons!!! And your booth... wish I had been there!

  11. Beautiful creations! Especially fond of the bracelets, though it is all clever and well done! Thank you for visiting me today! ~ Angela

  12. Oh, buttons! Buttons, buttons, buttons. I love buttons! Great work!!

  13. Hi, Debbie,
    You are so creative and come up with so many wonderful ideas. You have found some amazing ways to use your buttons. I also enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful variety of lilacs, just terrific! I saw where there had been a tornado in S. Dakota I believe. Hope all is well there. Love and blessings~ Vicki