Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Cissy" sold and MY case at the Mercantile

Madame Alexander Cissy doll and wardrobe sold! It did so well! I am so excited for the gal who purchased her and that she is excited also about the wardrobe! I had so much fun making up a story and featuring the clothing here! It was worth all the time just to show all the detail and loving care that these ladies, so long ago, put forth!

And, I would also like to share below pictures from my case at the Mercantile. It is like a little world in its own......what do you think?.....

I have this little rose picture in my case.....to remind me WHO I always want to be behind everything that I do.

Picked up this cute little bookcase and replaced the finials on the top with these jeweled pieces.

I took this out of the case and placed it on a chair so I could photograph the lid of this trinket box. It was made by Valerie and I had purchased it a couple years ago or so on ebay. Isn't it amazing!

A few things on the shelf and a gal playing at the piano. Not pictured are the optical lenses that I sell.....some that I HAVEN'T embellished. Some people prefer them that way...go figure!

A mixed collage picture I initially did for my mom many years ago.....she was cleaning house and decided to give it back.....I guess moms can't keep everything. I take beautiful plates and put them on pedestals. Shows these earrings off nicely....

I splurged on this "hat pin" holder. Made the hatpins and put some in pincushions that I made....I love doing things with beads and buttons!

This little angel.....this just gives me a peaceful feeling.....how about you?

This pincushion was made by me....the cushion is from an ornament. Others that I made I do completely from found material, cut and gathered around a candle holder, dress up with old lace, doilies, pins, jewelry. Do not have any in my case at the moment......little girl with kittens...

Harvey Dunn is one of my favorite artists.....I also like Norman Rockwell, who doesn't! I made this paperweight from a card and a very old glass paperweight. I bend forks and turn them into holders.....just like I did with those old photos that I altered. I really enjoy doing things with metals and appreciating the detail of silverware and the patina!

See the fork!

Old horses, a token, inkwell, medicine bottles and pewter figurines from New Mexico.

This donkey and cart are a certain china piece, can't remember what is on the label. There is a metal cup with a glass insert that you can't see very well....for a hot toddy, I guess. I have a votive candle in it. The two wooden trains are from a Special Education kit used back in the 50's.

Bridal tags made by someone.....people enjoy these little tidbits to embellish gifts. I appreciate all those that offer the grungy tags to do things with.

A beautiful white pillow that I use to place some of my flower pins on for display. You just never know when it comes to flower pins.....so many inventive ideas!

Letter openers! A Jerusalem Bible. Mr. and Mrs. "Wood" (toy figures). A bottle of oil, I believe. And little Charlie.....looks like a Charlie, anyway.

Found one of those tri-fold stands to display some Southwest type jewelry. Just seems the right time to bring it out! We had a long winter here!

Perfume bottles, old and newer.....lipstick, too.

A little Mother & Daughter book. Bracelets and watches!

One of those collectible bears.....she has been cooped up in this case far tooo long. Wish someone would love her and take her home!

A smaller version of the flower book, The Language of Flowers. I find this book fascinating with telling about the names of the flowers and what each means.......have you ever looked at one of these books to see with which flower you identify most with?

A close-up of some of the hatpins. The holder isn't for sale....sorry!

I don't smoke, but I thought this lighter was so cute!!!

These little doggies are also looking for a home! A new pet store opened up in a town north of here. They sell small animals, but leave the dogs and cats to being adopted at the Humane Society. They have a book at the store so you can see what is available. I thought that was so cool. So many animals out there with no homes. We have adopted a dog and a cat, Bev and Oscar. They are doing well and getting along with each other. Was touch and go at first.....

You can see some of the earring a little better! Simple and beautiful.....

This is a Bessie Pease Gutman picture placed in a paperweight. This is another artist I really enjoy!

Yes, I did this many years ago.....nothing like the mixed media that I see you all do....a learning process and I appreciate so much the talent out there that is available for me to see through blogland!!!! Yes, yes, yes!

An old enamel pin on an old glass/gold trinket box!

Some charms that I made....the outer part is compass markings. There are little inserts for a compass type thing. I put letters in them instead! Great for bracelets and necklaces, bookmarks, belt-loop trinkets, cell-phone charms....list is endless....

And for the "DRAMA" queen.....some theatrical powder!

Well, hope you all enjoyed the show. It is amazing what one can put in a case. I tried to make it like a little world, you know......so, welcome to a part of my world!
Blessings to you all and have a great week!!!!! debbie


  1. Hi Debbie! Glad to hear you were able to sell your beautiful doll to someone who will love her. What a lot of work that must have been, getting all your lovelies together for sale. I think you should rest now :).

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss 4 years ago, I wish no one had to go through that. And no it's never too late to plant a tree! Whether you do or not, I'm sure his memory lives on in your heart -

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Thanks, Laura, for commenting! I wish no one had to go through those kind of trials, but I do know that trials help to strengthen us and make us better! Great day to you! debbie

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