Monday, May 10, 2010

"Madame Alexander" goes out on the town!

It's evening and my lovely wedding ring will look fabulous with my black and gold gown! I just hope I don't snag it on my dress as we dance the night away after enjoying some fancy meal!!!

If it get chilly because of the night air or because I am so excited about being in London or for sure, because I am finally married to the love of my life....well, then I can put on my mink stole!

Yes, the gown will show off my shoulders!!!

Eilers' Furs.....a gift from my new in-laws!!! I am just guessing!!! :)

The red velvet bows in the back....well, I just happen to have some red pumps to go with this outfit, but left them at home! Darn!!!

One more outfit to go....I would say if you are "itch'n" to see it....well, that would be about right!.....deb

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