Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks, Karen Valentine, for the upgrade & Enjoyed a "COLORFUL" day yesterday!!!

Just wanted to say thanks publicly to Karen Valentine who updated my blog for me....couldn't figure out how to make my header fit and she created the great "buttons" for is just so cool and she did a great job and is very reasonable. When I can afford further upgrades, I know who to contact. Her blog is: ALSO!!! She is featured in the WHERE WOMEN CREATE, the most recent, you all should look at that. What a beautiful place she has created to work and create!!!

Well, speaking of creating....I know it is Memorial Day. All is quiet on the homefront as Joe is sleeping and will be doing another 12 hour shift tonight. I have taken some time off....hopefully....unless I get called in. And, I hope I get some stuff done! My goodness. The days just get away from me.

Isaac and I did do something fun yesterday. Went to Aberdeen and enjoyed the Art and Bicycle Spectacle.....enjoyed the different art doings, music and free food....can't, go wrong when there is free food. Dan the owner of the Red Rooster Coffee Shop put out a great spread and didn't know he is quite a performer himself. Inside the shop, he played guitar and sang a few Neil Diamond songs....even upon request he sang, Sweet Caroline!

So, as for the pictures here.....colorful, wouldn't you say!!! Well, Isaac and I had a "colorful" day yesterday. It was wonderful for me to see him participate in different art projects. Took pictures with my cellphone, but do not know how to send them to the internet.

If you want to see an up and coming glass bead artist....go to:

Marcus Murray Glassworks on Facebook. Oh, how I would love to conquer that art. Marcus has been doing this for over 11 years.

Have a great day enjoying your FREEDOM!!!! Thank you to our men and women, past, present and future who provide this great freedom for us!!!! debbie

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Being Weird...BUT I like this picture!

Over 4 years ago now, I picked up this picture down in Arizona, north of Phoenix. I found it in a thrift store. This was all during the time my husband Mark and I were in the area to have Mark receive a new type of therapy for his kidney cancer....called tomotherapy, a more precise radiation of tumors. We were staying in a beautiful little town north of Phoenix in the foothills called Carefree. I had brought this into the antique store to sell, but decided to take it back home. I don't know if it is just the picture itself or knowing that I had bought it during a time that Mark was still alive....I just don't know. As I was taking pictures, and I wish I had taken one of the black framing as it is simple but beautiful....anyway, it is amazing the different coloring and how it seems to change this dog. I have shown it to people and they also think it looks like a dalmatian, but the wording or name makes me think it is suppose to be one of those "racing" greyhounds. Either way....I like the picture and decided I wasn't ready to part with it. Someone lovingly drew it in chalk and I think did an amazing job......just being weird!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"REPURPOSING"!!!! ...that is what I am all about!!!

Yes, that is what I am all about....thinking outside of the box, well, has anyone asked themselves, hey, what I can do with THAT box!!!! So, would like to share with you all out there in blogland some of what I repurpose. And just want to thank Andrea from Vintage Bella Studio for doing the "Show what you create Blog party". I had fun sharing and reading everyone else's blogs that shared!!! Boosted my confidence! How about yours?

Well, no more commercials....enjoy the show!!!! Have a great day! Windy here and the tornadoes that are in the news for South Dakota were 40 some miles Northwest of here. Those that lost stuff need to be prayed for and heard of no lives lost, thank the Lord! more, please look below..... :)

This was a spice shelf of my grandparents. Now it is a bathsalts shelf for the bathroom!

My other birdfeeder chandelier! I love the blue! Could have painted the glass, but just couldn't do it! I thought the design was so pretty!

You could make this a birdbath chandelier, too!

Hello! This is a tree feeder for the birds. Great way to use all those sconces. This one already has a friend-bird to visit with!

Cup and saucer birdfeeders, personalized with charms on the spoons. There are no two alike!!! That is what I enjoy telling will never find another one anywhere else just like this one!!!!

Rain gauges, too!!! 'Course my late husband, Mark would say this isn't an accurate gauge. I space the R-A-I-N letters an inch apart, but he said the opening is too large. Well, "Honey," I said, "We really don't care how accurate they are (most of us unless living on a farm, I guess) but just that they are cute!!!!"

Larger birdbaths! My birds loves these! I shared in another post my birdbath from an old gumball machine stand! The birds do play! It is a delight to see!

Butterfly charm....another way to use beads, buttons and/or charms.

I do provide some birdseed to get you started!!!!

One can mix and match the cups and saucers! This is what is fun!!! Isn't this a beautiful saucer!!!

We have a lot of farmers and ranchers around here! Just waiting for the "horse-minded" one to pick this one up!!!

We really don't need anymore "rain" around here! Thankfully the wind should dry things out so the farmers can get more done in the fields!!!

I like to put a fancy piece on my rain gauges.....did I say "fancy", yes I said "fancy"!!!

Still figuring out how to take those close-up shots!!! You can't see it very well, but this has a beautiful filligree cap!

Well, that is all for now!!! Don't forget to "feed the birds"!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Creating, YES!, but sharing from awhile ago.....please look :)

Creating.......haven't had time with 2 jobs to get any creating done! Soooo, hope it is ok to share with you some repurposing that I have done! Bracelets from buttons and beads!!

A card holder embellished with coat buttons, one is a furry was so hard to offer this for sale at the craft show I was in....and it sold to a gal that was just in awe of, that was worth it, for sure!

A fan painted red with "MY FANS" with Scrabble letters and old class photos! One gal recently wanted to just buy two of the clothespins with the letters on them....told her it went with the fan!

Wire candle chanelier turned into a birdfeeder complete with bird friends!!!

Buttons, who's got the buttons!! I have tons, well, maybe not tons, but I do have jars and jars and drawers full....made these button bookmarks with little encouraging words on the leaves. Made them to help us all get through the long winter we had here in the Dakotas!!!

Well, I have to get to my other job! It would be quite a compliment to get some comments here. You all are so amazing! I will look at the list of other blogs this weekend. Blessings, debbie

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Lilacs anyone"????

Late afternoon and my husband and I are trying to put on a new screen door.....and I think I have him talked into a new door also! We purchased the screen door awhile ago and I did remind him that we would have purchased a new door also, but they didn't have the right size of the one we wanted. Presently, he was saying that we should just paint this one.....well, there is plastic molding to be removed as it is broken and then there would be holes to fill and trying to match the paint....just more work than getting a new door!!! Taking a break and wanting to share with you the lilacs in our yard. Every year, I say that I am going to take pictures of the beautiful lilacs....enjoy them this way as my sense of smell isn't very good. I truly believe it is because of blogging that I take the time to take pictures these days!!! And hence, have taken pictures to share with you of our lilacs in their glory of various colors!!! I just wish their blooms lasted is another amazing part of life and creation, so, how when looking at these little blooms that make up the whole, can we not believe in a divine Creator!!!

Blessings this day to all of you and thank you, Lord, for your creation! ~debbie

And remember.....
"The human life is like that of a flower: it blooms and is beautiful for a time, but inevitably fades and withers away. By contrast, God is eternal and will never die or fade away. " (I Pt. 1:23-25)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Cissy" sold and MY case at the Mercantile

Madame Alexander Cissy doll and wardrobe sold! It did so well! I am so excited for the gal who purchased her and that she is excited also about the wardrobe! I had so much fun making up a story and featuring the clothing here! It was worth all the time just to show all the detail and loving care that these ladies, so long ago, put forth!

And, I would also like to share below pictures from my case at the Mercantile. It is like a little world in its own......what do you think?.....

I have this little rose picture in my remind me WHO I always want to be behind everything that I do.

Picked up this cute little bookcase and replaced the finials on the top with these jeweled pieces.

I took this out of the case and placed it on a chair so I could photograph the lid of this trinket box. It was made by Valerie and I had purchased it a couple years ago or so on ebay. Isn't it amazing!

A few things on the shelf and a gal playing at the piano. Not pictured are the optical lenses that I sell.....some that I HAVEN'T embellished. Some people prefer them that way...go figure!

A mixed collage picture I initially did for my mom many years ago.....she was cleaning house and decided to give it back.....I guess moms can't keep everything. I take beautiful plates and put them on pedestals. Shows these earrings off nicely....

I splurged on this "hat pin" holder. Made the hatpins and put some in pincushions that I made....I love doing things with beads and buttons!

This little angel.....this just gives me a peaceful about you?

This pincushion was made by me....the cushion is from an ornament. Others that I made I do completely from found material, cut and gathered around a candle holder, dress up with old lace, doilies, pins, jewelry. Do not have any in my case at the moment......little girl with kittens...

Harvey Dunn is one of my favorite artists.....I also like Norman Rockwell, who doesn't! I made this paperweight from a card and a very old glass paperweight. I bend forks and turn them into holders.....just like I did with those old photos that I altered. I really enjoy doing things with metals and appreciating the detail of silverware and the patina!

See the fork!

Old horses, a token, inkwell, medicine bottles and pewter figurines from New Mexico.

This donkey and cart are a certain china piece, can't remember what is on the label. There is a metal cup with a glass insert that you can't see very well....for a hot toddy, I guess. I have a votive candle in it. The two wooden trains are from a Special Education kit used back in the 50's.

Bridal tags made by someone.....people enjoy these little tidbits to embellish gifts. I appreciate all those that offer the grungy tags to do things with.

A beautiful white pillow that I use to place some of my flower pins on for display. You just never know when it comes to flower many inventive ideas!

Letter openers! A Jerusalem Bible. Mr. and Mrs. "Wood" (toy figures). A bottle of oil, I believe. And little Charlie.....looks like a Charlie, anyway.

Found one of those tri-fold stands to display some Southwest type jewelry. Just seems the right time to bring it out! We had a long winter here!

Perfume bottles, old and newer.....lipstick, too.

A little Mother & Daughter book. Bracelets and watches!

One of those collectible bears.....she has been cooped up in this case far tooo long. Wish someone would love her and take her home!

A smaller version of the flower book, The Language of Flowers. I find this book fascinating with telling about the names of the flowers and what each means.......have you ever looked at one of these books to see with which flower you identify most with?

A close-up of some of the hatpins. The holder isn't for sale....sorry!

I don't smoke, but I thought this lighter was so cute!!!

These little doggies are also looking for a home! A new pet store opened up in a town north of here. They sell small animals, but leave the dogs and cats to being adopted at the Humane Society. They have a book at the store so you can see what is available. I thought that was so cool. So many animals out there with no homes. We have adopted a dog and a cat, Bev and Oscar. They are doing well and getting along with each other. Was touch and go at first.....

You can see some of the earring a little better! Simple and beautiful.....

This is a Bessie Pease Gutman picture placed in a paperweight. This is another artist I really enjoy!

Yes, I did this many years ago.....nothing like the mixed media that I see you all do....a learning process and I appreciate so much the talent out there that is available for me to see through blogland!!!! Yes, yes, yes!

An old enamel pin on an old glass/gold trinket box!

Some charms that I made....the outer part is compass markings. There are little inserts for a compass type thing. I put letters in them instead! Great for bracelets and necklaces, bookmarks, belt-loop trinkets, cell-phone charms....list is endless....

And for the "DRAMA" queen.....some theatrical powder!

Well, hope you all enjoyed the show. It is amazing what one can put in a case. I tried to make it like a little world, you, welcome to a part of my world!
Blessings to you all and have a great week!!!!! debbie