Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peter, Paul, Mary and "Jack" said...."So long"...

Oh, my goodness!!! I was at the antique store today putting up my tree birdfeeders, my lantern birdfeeder, my lamp birdfeeder, etc., and garden things and so on and noticed my chandelier birdfeeder that I had just written about on the 13th was gone! Went downstairs to check the sales slips for the day and someone bought it! I am going to miss Peter, Paul, Mary and Jack! I hope the person who purchased it will really enjoy it. It is quite a kick when I am working and someone buys one of my creations and I get to see who is taking it home....but, not today! Missed it!!! Well, it was a one of a kind piece....that is what I always can find one of a kind items here at the Spink County Mercantile by some of our talented people in the community. So, if any of you wonderful people are ever near Redfield, South Dakota....stop by. Have pictures in older posts, but our store is always changing. Need to take more pictures to share with you. Good night, Peter, Paul, Mary and Jack.....hope your new home is swell! debbie

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