Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peter, Paul and Mary and......

Just taking a break from "LaDeDa"....oh, have more great pictures, but was sharing with some gals today that came into the antique store that were looking at my birdfeeders. Told them that the cup and saucer birdfeeders with the charm laden spoons handle the wind well....as it was mighty windy in midwest South Dakota today!!! And then the chandelier birdfeeder I made.....oh, they thought that was cool! Had fun with that, too. I will be putting more things like that out in the store....have my tree feeders that are birdfeeders, but are made from the old decorating sconces. You can hang them from the tree trunk. They are fun and the way some of those sconces are coated, one doesn't have to do much to them.....not everything has to be "antique" white these days!!!

Have a good rest of the week! Wind is dying down.....really needed it to dry out the fields around here!

Thanks for looking! deb

Cup and saucer birdfeeders above are fun to make. A great way to use odds-n-ends, or to have those special pieces out and used to make us smile, warm our hearts and feed the birds....remembering that even the "least of these" the Lord cares about.

Already provided some "friends" for the birds....don't they look "friendly" enough?
Oh, how about Peter, Paul and Mary and......Jack. Yeah, I like Jack. Jack it is!!!
In honor of Pastor Josh and Marley's little one....Jack, who is expecting a brother in August!!!


  1. Hello! What a lovely site this is. I found you through House Wren Studio (Charlotte). Home Companion magazine's last issue was some time back. Yes, another victim of the (publishing) economy. I was aggravated enough when it happened to post about it. lol.

    I'll be back. You have yummo photos here.

  2. Hi, Debbie,
    I absolutely love those cute cup and saucer bird feeder with the spoon. The chandelier feeder is wonderful, too. I so love birds. I have hummers, blue jays, cardinals and doves that come to my back yard. Have a lovely weekend, my sweet friend! Love and blessings~ Vicki