Monday, April 12, 2010

"LaDeDa"!!! and getting some KITS ready!!!

Sharing more pictures. I have been busy myself with some projects. Planning on slowing down my work schedule as so many of you bring such inspiration to me!!! Finished some salt and pepper shakers, filling them with glitter and embellishing them. Plan to offer them in kits.....have been blessed with so much great stuff over the years and do not have enough lifetimes to do projects with all of it!!! So, have been praying for continued inspiration and thoughts on how to put all of that together. Will post a picture or two of the shakers soon. I think they turned out pretty dandy if I say so myself!!!

More of Tina's treasures at LaDeDa!!! I have seen this done with the JUNKMARKET ladies, too. Don't you love it?!!!

I love this cupboard! There is a sweet little friend in it, can you see him?

Oh, how can we be offended by this little sweetie as he reminds us to watch what we eat! Yet, I do watch what I eyes watch it go into my mouth!!!

Well, hope you all are having a wonderful day. Already took Bev for our long walk. Now I am listening to Christian radio and there is a storm warning north of us. No one needs anymore water around here! The farmers are going to have a time of it as it is getting into the fields on schedule!
Blessings! God is good! deb

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