Monday, April 5, 2010

"La De Da" Antique Store....Sioux Falls, South Dakota!!!

I don't know if any of you have ever been to South Dakota! I haven't met any bloggers online that are from South Dakota, yet, except for my friend Peggy. Well, when my husband and I were in Sioux Falls, which is the biggest city in the state, there were some fabulous places to go to see antiques, etc. The Knights of Columbus even had a sale at their building and we saw some great stuff! Below, is how Tina of "LaDeDa" shows you how to get to her place. She is only open certain times of the year and shows much of what she has on her own blog. It was such a treat to visit her place, located downtown where a friend of hers owns the building. Tina's place burned down last year and she lost her inventory. Since then, she has worked hard at building her offerings back up. She has such a gift for display! I will be spending the days ahead sharing the pictures she allowed me to, let's go see LaDeDa!!!

This is the front outside.....already can tell that she is a fun lady!!! Isn't this front soooo inviting!!!!

The floors are all wood and the backdrop is stone walls!!!

Floor lamps aren't just for lighting!!!

.....and bird cages aren't just for birds!!!

I will share more each day that I can....have to get some things done and then am off to work!!! Blessings....deb

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