Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steampunk Jewelry by Wanda!!!

Oh, what is a woman to wear???? I know, one of Wanda's creations!
Wanda, a good friend of mine, does a great job at piecing a necklace together from things that someone gives her. This one was put together for my manager, Joan, at the antique store. What do you think?

This is a shot taken without a flash.....see all the neat little trinkets! There are those things that have special meaning just to Joan....from confirmation, etc.

This little locket is surrounded by neat little pearls and crystals and some rose beads....a nice little family!

Took this with the flash....I think. We are still trying to figure out these cameras! The pictures don't do the necklace justice! Oh, people may say that a lot.....BUT this is really true!!!
Will share more about my weekend as promised. Just want to highlight some of my friends' creations. Am going to post another quick one from my friend Peggy and her Easter creations....so, hold on!!!! deb
Oh, and those collage pictures with jewelry....not done by my granddaughter, someone from the restaurant's where we ate lunch! Oh, whenever I get grandchildren.....yes, they can be that talented!!!!

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