Monday, March 22, 2010

Said the big blue bird to the little bird.....Easter is coming!!!! Took the picture of the Lord's Supper in the antique store the other day when I was working. The lights are showing from the front of the store as the picture is on the back wall. I thought it was kinda neat how the light shines through. It reminds me that heaven was close at hand!!! I need this reminder as sometimes during difficulties and trials, I forget just how close God is and heaven and all that is good. He holds us close during our moments of difficulties as well as holding us close just to hold us close, as he did the children the disciples wanted to shoo away, mentioned in the New Testament. He is ready anytime......just open your arms!!!
I had an earlier post already to go and my computer went weird on me....must have meant for this to be posted today instead!!!
.....only because of Him, deb

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