Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Repurposing Jewelry....an amazing way!!!!

Wanted to share with you...like these birds are sharing with each other. Looking like they must be really good friends and just can't get close enough to share the news....this is how I feel about sharing this artwork that I saw this weekend.....

As I shared with some of you about our trip this last weekend, to Sioux Falls....well, I wanted to send it all in order, but you have to see some of the artwork featuring the granddaughter's way of sharing the jewelry she inherited from her grandma! These are just some of the pictures....I will share more about everything later. It is 12:33 in the am already. Got off work at 11:15 pm and, oh my goodness, haven't even taken off my work tag yet!!! Just so excited to see what everyone has been up to after being away from blogs for the weekend....more later, good night....debbie

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  1. Oh, Debbie, your granddaughter is very talented!! I love her art work!! The colors she uses are so vibrant and wonderful!! I can see why you were eager to share. Thank you so much for coming by Bunny Cottage for a visit and brightening my day! Easter week blessings to you! Vicki