Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peggy and her Easter creations!!!

Oh, when Peggy comes to bring new things for her space at the antique store....well, it is always a fun day!!! She has been busy with some chenille and bobbins, as you can see!

Aren't these shoes just the cutest you ever saw!!!

Peggy uses Easter egg dye that you buy in the stores....they make just the most vibrant of colors!!! Poor bunny, hope this egg isn't too heavy!!

Eggs of lace.....beautiful in the white basket! Reminds me of those egg hunts as a little girl! We had plastic eggs and had treats in them. What did you have in yours?

Oh, this bunny looks quite at attention.....maybe it is the crocheted "large slipper" beside him that has him nervous!

Thanks, Peggy, for all you do.....you light up MY world with your sweet thoughtful creations!!! Hope this has brightened your day, I know it has mine!!!

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