Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on "Children of the King" series!!!

Good afternoon!!! Well, I went to bed around 1am, so determined to get a blog done on my project. I am at the library now...hubby is sleeping as he works overnight shifts. I didn't feel as though I really went to sleep until around 5am. Joe took Isaac to school. I woke around 9am and debated whether to start my day. Well, I now have the pictures displayed at the antique store where I work. I hope to send some pictures to lofty goal of getting a spot in one of their amazing magazines! What I didn't get to say in my entry earlier in the day was I try and do projects that will use items that can be repurposed. It is so exciting to see so many men and women think along these lines....use what you already have, think outside the box!! I lived over in England and Germany in the early 90's and so appreciated seeing how people over there take care of what they have, fix what is broken (if possible) and just be good stewards of what they own. There are so many talented people that "think outside of the box" in blogland. Such fun to go exploring. I do have to do better at leaving comments....yep, need to work on that! Well, maybe do some exploring for a few minutes before school gets out and work on leaving you all comments. Blessings....debbie

***these photos in my project, well, to let you know that I rarely copy anything to reuse as far as photos go. I like to say my works are "one of a kind", no two dresses walking in the same room, so to speak!! And, I love the Lord, so if these items can bring a smile, a sigh, a sense for the moment of well-being and everything will be ok, I am not alone....then this is good. :)


  1. Hello, Debbie,
    I am so glad you stopped by Bunny Cottage for a visit because now I can visit you and get to know you. I so admire you for your creativity. I love your "Children of the King" series. The vintage photos and scripture are both wonderful. I have never seen anything like this. I hope your weather has improved. I had seen on the news reports where you all were having flooding. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Vicki

  2. Thank you, Vicki, for taking the time to visit my blog!!! I soooo appreciate any of you amazingly talented gals stopping my way. Yes, everyday, the flooding issues are frontpage news. It is a sad time, but hopefully, as with all trials, will bring us all closer to what and Whom is the most important....blessings to you, deb