Saturday, March 20, 2010

More of the Children!!! So excited!!!

I have just been so excited to share with you all....thank you to those who have taken the time to view something very precious to me. I remember when I obtained most of these photographs....a neat antique store tucked away in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The dealer, well, I only know him by his first name, "Fred", and even though I have yet to meet him, I feel I know so much about him by the items he offers in his nooks in a few of the antique stores I frequent when I am in the area. I know he has got to be a down-to-earth kinda guy....probably doesn't shave everyday and has an amazing smile! His prices are very reasonable and am so thankful for that! He is the kind of vendor that makes it fun to go to antique stores, for sure! In the Midwest, we don't have a lot of outdoor flea markets, etc., so I enjoy what is available. I hope to meet Fred sometime to thank him for all his hard work. His areas aren't always the neatest....much is squeezed in and if you are not one to move things around or risk getting a little dirty...well, you may not have as much fun! I work in a really "neat" antique store as one of my part-time jobs and appreciate all the compliments, but I still wouldn't shy away from a place that might have me walking out with dirty hands and great little treasures that do not hurt the pocketbook toooo much!
I was working today in the store. My good friend Peggy brought some things in yesterday. I have routed you to her blog in one of my past blogs and will do that again when I post some of her things that she made for Easter. She is a multi-talented lady with a big heart and a great laugh. Didn't get much time to visit with her yesterday......hope to get over to her place this Spring or Summer and see her handiwork outside her house. Visiting her always comes with treats both for the eyes, as well as for the tummy!
Well, tomorrow is almost here. Sunday School and Church, here I come. Studying the book of James in Sunday School....always a good book to remind us how we are to live in our daily lives. Jms. 1:21, the latter part talks about "humbly accepting the word 'planted' in you, which can save you." What a great reminder as we ponder what seeds to sow in our gardens this year!! So, what will we allow to be planted within us? Things of this world that pass away or things that are eternal? Every day we make that decision on what is of lasting value....kindness, extending grace and forgiveness, sharing God's love through the glory of His Son!
Thank you, Father, for your amazing us to share it with others, this of lasting value!
I started my book project today.....typing out the e-mails of my late husband's journey with cancer. I plan to type it out in order of dates and allow anyone to visit this site as I progress through it. The book itself will contain the inbetween story behind each e-mail. So, the e-mails themselves are the backbone to the book, the inbetween stories will be the meat and sinew.......tied together, my prayer is that it provides encouragement for anyone dealing with cancer or with a loved one with cancer. I do not know of anyone who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way. As I kept people up to date on our journey, I had many requests to put this together for others to read and be blessed as so many said they were being blessed as they walked with us through our journey. So, would appreciate prayers on this project as it did and will continue to take me down a road that I have been avoiding (sad to say) for awhile. I believe God is telling me that it is time.....oh, how He confirms in his only little way. You see, I don't believe in coincidence.....I believe in God moments as He is involved in every detail of our lives. He desires such intimacy with may be scary, but we are so safe with Him, safer than with anyone on this earth.
Blessings this night.....debbie

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